Our full-length debut, Inemuri, will be released May 30th at 7th St Entry. The term Inemuri (e-neh-mu-re) is the Japanese practice of napping on the job and translates to “sleeping while present”. It is often lauded in Japanese culture as a representation of what a hard worker looks like.  The band spins this idea, in reference to perceived shortcomings of western culture. The notion of being asleep to our truest self, living in discord with nature, being asleep to love & the interconnectedness of life, and neglecting the nourishment of our souls by a sense of duty to make money and consume. These themes play throughout the album along with some personal touches and light moments in a sonic blend of psychedelic-rock, funk, & pop. We're excited to share it with you!


We've been working on our album for over 2 years and we'll finally be releasing it 5/30/2019 and we could use a little support to get to the finish line with mixing/mastering costs. Ultimately the goal is to get this pressed to vinyl as well but it's currently not within our budget.   

If you'd like to contribute any amount NOT listed, click the donate button below and we'll be sure to get you all of our stuff. Love & gratitude to everyone, and an extra thanks to all of you that help us on the next stage of our evolution. Things are getting funky! 

Lazy Scorsese

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