GOAL: 3,000$
RAISED: 930$

Hi, want to help make a record? 


The time has come for us to create another record! We have dates set in late October at The Library studio in MPLS to record the bulk of our next album. Some of these songs we’ve been working on for 2+ years, some of them are a little fresher. We’ve been getting the arrangements tight, keeping our hamstrings loose, and we are confident it is our best material to date. We are excited to work in a beautiful new studio with our trusty engineer Matt Bombich again.   

Given the times we find ourselves in, we are in need of support to record something to the standard at which we are holding the music to. Playing shows and putting out quality content isn’t yet self-sustainable (we are hoping this is the last time we’ll need to ask for your help to put out a record). We are also a little uncomfortable asking for financial support to create a record at a time when there are many more pressing matters in the world. So, we have created a campaign through the recent single release of our song “Radiate Love”, in which 100% of proceeds from that song are going to the awesome organizations Climate Gen, Ridge to Reefs, & ProtectMN. You can download the song and find more about all that at the link here:

We are hoping to raise 3,000$ to cover studio time + paying for mixing/engineering. If you'd like to contribute any amount NOT listed, click the donate button below and we'll be sure to get you all of our stuff. Love & gratitude to everyone, and an extra thanks to all of you that help us on the next stage of our evolution. Things are getting funky! 

Lazy Scorsese

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